Advantages of android TV box

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Android TV boxes are getting very popular in recent times. This small android tv box can be connected to your television, and it can give you a display of Android on your TV screen. Nowadays, most of us are really familiar with the smart TV, but this android tv box has a genuine advantage over different smart TV, and that is this box is available at very low and affordable price. And every tv which has an HDMI port you can connect an android box with it so, that you can get the facility of the android screen with tv. Moreover, you can install various useful Android apps on your tv with the help of android box.

Here are some useful advantages of android tv box

1) You can install various apps:

When you attach an android tv box with the HDMI port of your tv, then you can get a complete Android screen on your TV. And this gives us the advantage of downloading and installing millions of apps which will be suitable for our tv. You can use different apps that will allow you to watch various entertaining movies according to your choice. You can also watch various sports shows by installing proper apps on your tv. Android tv box does not only give you the facility of different multimedia programs it also gives you the facility of installing different apps or games. So you can play games on your tv with the help of android tv box. And at the same time, you can install different social networking apps as well. So you check your status on WhatsApp or Facebook on your tv. And one of the biggest advantages of this box is with the help of this box total Android operating system can support on your tv.

2) Supports wide ranges of TV:

Nowadays various ranges of tv are available in the market and depending on the brand and price ranges different tv offers a different type of features. When you are limited to watching only few tv channels on your tv, then it won’t bother you that much. But if you want to connect your Android phone or laptop to your tv then you face some serious compatibility issues. But in the case of android tv box you won’t confronted with many problems as long you have a HDMI port on your tv. If your tv has a HDMI port, then you connect the android tv box and with the help of that you connect with the internet and other facilities. So, you can understand that this is a very crucial advantage that an android tv box can give you.

3) Updates:

Android is a very popular operating system in recent times. And this operating system has become universal. There are millions of mobiles, tablets and TVs are running on this operating system. So if you can attach an android tv box with your tv, you can get all the features of Android including their application updates.

So, these are the most important advantages you can get with an android tv box.